Legal Documents


Do I have to send through documents to purchase your products?

Yes. If you purchase our Fully Road Legal UK plateswe must see a copy of some original documents before producing your plates. (You will be instructed as you place your order, before your order is processed).


This is a legal requirement.


We must see 1 form of ID & 1 form of Proof of Registration.

See what qualifies below:

Proof of Registration (One of the below)


- V5C or V750 or V778

- Vehicle Tax renewal reminder/SORN (V11)

- V379

- V948 (with an official stamp from DVLA and DVSA) / eV948


ID (One of the below)

- Driving Licence

- A bill (gas, electricity, water, telephone, council tax) with 6 months validity

- Bank or Building Society statement (with 6 months validity)

- National Identity Card


If you have ordered Clear Print plates, we only require to see proof of registration before we produce & dispatch your order.