Frequently Asked Questions:

Payment FAQs


How do I pay for my order?

Our order process is chosen due to the Road Legal UK plate designs legal requirements before we can produce your plates. See below (Legal Documents before purchase FAQs) for detail.

Once we have seen the relevant documents, only then we can process your order. An email will only follow if your documentation does not suffice with the requirements. Your order will then be produced and sent for dispatch.

If you cannot supply the correct documents we will issue your money back right away.


If you have ordered Clear Print plates, we require to see proof of registration before we produce & dispatch your order.


We accept all major credit/debit cards, PayPal & payment via KLARNA. 


Legal Documents before purchase FAQs


Do I have to send through documents to purchase your products?

Yes. If you purchase our Fully Road Legal UK plates, we must see a copy of some original documents before producing your plates.

We must see 1 form of ID and 1 form of Proof of Registration. (You will be instructed after you order, before your order is produced).

See what qualifies below:

One form of Proof of Registration (One of the below) ID (One of the below)
- V5C or V750 or V778 - Driving Licence
- Vehicle Tax renewal reminder/SORN (V11) - A bill (gas, electricity, water, telephone, council tax) with 6 months validity
- V379 - Bank or Building Society statement (with 6 months validity)
- V948 (with an official stamp from DVLA and DVSA) / eV948 - National Identity Card

This is a legal requirement as instructed by the DVLA.


If you purchase our Clear Print products, these are classed as show plates but we would still require to see proof of registration. 



Printing FAQs


Are your plates Road legal?

Yes. We are a registered supplier and are recognised by the DVLA.

Our Road Legal Plates fully meet the standards to qualify for being Road Legal in the UK.

See below points which make your plate conform to the UK law:

(1) Space your registration as advised by the UK Laws

(2) Print the British Standard on the plates (BS AU 145e) 

(3) Print company name and post code on the plates 

This is not to advertise our company, this is a legal requirement.



Can I request custom spacing/printing?

Yes. Our Clear Print range allows you to make custom spaced number plates but please note these are illegal to use on your vehicle as these are classed as show plates which do not conform to the UK Laws. View our t's & c's. When purchasing your desired plate design, it is important to space your plate just how you would like it printed.

If you would like a Clear Print (without points 2 and 3 mentioned above), please ensure to add the correct product to your basket.


What if I make an error/typo for my plates?

Please be very careful when entering your registration when placing an order as we will print exactly how it has been submitted through the system. If you know that have made an error/typo, please advise us within 15 minutes of placing your order otherwise the plates will have gone into production. (If 15 minutes have passed, please still drop us a note and we will let you know if it is too late!).


Which material is used for your plates?

We only offer premium quality acrylics that are also quality checked beforehand so we can ensure our customers only receive the best quality products.

Unlike some suppliers, we use premium materials for ALL our products rather than offering the option but we make sure our prices are still highly competitive. 


Do you sell/print standard number plates?

Currently we can only supply 3D Gel and 4D prints. Standard plate printing will be available soon. Sign up to our mailer to receive exclusive discounts & updates.


Do you sell short plates? 

Yes, we now sell short plates in all sizes (13", 16", 17" and 18").

Please NOTE: We only stock 16", 17" & 18" short plates for Road Legal plates but have all sizes for Clear Print plates.

The size of the short plate you receive is dependent on how lengthy your registration is, examples below:

7 letters > 18"

6 letters > 16"

If you'd like a different sized short plate, you can specify the size in the "Remarks" box when placing your order (ensuring they're the sizes we have available as mentioned above).


Do you sell oversized plates for Range Rovers?

Yes, we can do oversized plates for Range Rovers, Jaguars, Bentley's etc. 


Delivery FAQs


How much do you charge for delivery?

NOTE: Your order is dispatched within 1-2 working days of receiving your documentation.

Standard UK delivery:

(5-7 working days) is FREE if order is over £25, otherwise £1.99.

Express Delivery:

(2-4 working days) £9.99. 

  • Please be aware due to current circumstances, our couriers are extremely busy and there could be slight delays in receiving your orders.


What are your cut-off times for dispatching deliveries?

Your order will be dispatched within 1-2  working days if you place the order before 5pm (and have provided us with the correct documentation).

If you have ordered Fully Road Legal plates, please allow us some time to confirm your documents & your order will then be manufactured and dispatched as soon as.


Can I track my delivery?

Yes. You will be sent a tracking number via email.

All orders will be sent via a tracking service to ensure maximum safety and proof of delivery.


How are the number plates packaged?

We make sure your number plates are packed with bubble wrap packaging to provide the necessary care when in transit.

These are also plain coloured so if it is a gift, there is nothing to give it away!


I haven't received my delivery?

For standard UK delivery, please allow 5-7 working days after your order has been dispatched; for next day delivery, please allow 2-4 working days.

Please check your tracking service. If required, get in contact with us and our team will contact the courier for you.

  • Please be aware due to current circumstances, our couriers are extremely busy and there could be delays in receiving your orders.



Returns FAQs


Can I return my item? See below.

Due to the products being custom made/personalised, it is important to note the returns/refunds policies.

If the order has been sent for delivery or received. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns due to the plates being bespoke & custom made.
If the item arrives damaged/defected. Yes. You will be issued a 100% refund or a replacement.

Please NOTE: All products are quality checked before they are sent for dispatch.

                  - Return requests will only be accepted within 14 days of receiving your goods so please let us know as soon as. 


Do you cover returns postage?

Yes, as we only accept returns due to any defects/damages, we will cover these costs. We will send you the postage label via email. We recommend a tracking service to ensure safety as it provides a record of delivery.


Can I cancel or amend my order/delivery?

It is not possible to cancel or amend an order that has been manufactured. 

-If you can get in touch before your order is manufactured, you can cancel. We start working on your order as soon as.

-If you can get in touch before your order is dispatched, you can amend your delivery but not the plate itself.

For orders purchased with Standard UK Delivery - Cancel/amend within 1 hour.

For orders purchased with Express Delivery - Cancel/amend within 15 mins.

Please NOTE: There is no guarantee for a specific time of when your order will be manufactured or sent for dispatch.


I haven't received my refund?

Refunds are issued as soon as we confirm your cancellation/refund request.

After we have issued the refund, this can take up to 5-7 working days for the banks to process.



Other FAQs


Can I order a single plate?

Yes. Please ensure you have selected the correct options before adding the product to your basket.

You will have a choice to add either Front, Rear or a Set.


Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, we accept bulk orders! Feel free to get in touch here if you have any further questions on bulk orders.


Are short plates legal?

Yes, there is nothing to categorise shortened plates as not road legal. 


Do you make Lamborghini style number plates?

Yes! If you head over to our Clear Print range, click on your chosen design and select 'Hex' or 'Mohex' options.




Still have a question? Get in contact here.

We aim to answer any queries within 1-2 working days.